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Charlotte, NC Animal Control

Charlotte, North Carolina may be a large city, but it’s filled with plenty of wooded areas and parks that attract wildlife. Squirrels, birds, deer, and other critters can be cute and fun to watch, and they add a sense of rural escape in the midst of an urban area, but there are occasions when they become dangerous and Charlotte, NC animal control becomes essential. Here are some instances when animal control becomes necessary, and if you experience any of these situations please call your local animal control specialist as soon as possible.

Critter In-House

The worst case for wildlife is when it ends up in your home. Any series of happenings can lead to a trapped attic squirrel or a bird stuck flying close to your ceiling, and it’s never safe to assume that you can handle the situation on your own. Wildlife carry many diseases that can be detrimental to human health, and even a docile, injured creature can carry disease that can harm your entire family. In these situations it’s important to contact Charlotte, NC animal control immediately so they can evaluate the situation and execute an evacuation plan for injured or trapped wildlife.

Rabid Animals

Unfortunately rabies is a reality, even in urban areas like Charlotte. While our domestic pets have vaccinations, wildlife doesn’t and can be extremely dangerous once infected with rabies. They can become aggressive and erratic, and should only be handled by Charlotte, NC animal control. Never approach wildlife that seems distressed, anxious, or violent, and contact animal control immediately. It’s important these animals be prevented from further spreading disease, and animal control will know how to properly handle the situation.

These are two of the most common circumstances that require Charlotte, NC animal control, but you can call your local animal control anytime you question the presence of wildlife in your area or have any concern about wildlife. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and your are animal control can set your mind at ease with their help and knowledge.


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