Ant Hill Removal

Cheap Ant Hill Removal Solutions

Ant hill removal helps you address ant infestation problem once and for all. Having a few ants here and there does not usually cause any huge problem. However, once the ants start causing health issues or they start eating their way to your electrical wiring or begin eating your plants and vegetation, then it becomes a serious concern. These types of complications usually indicate ant infestation. Any form of infestation will only cause more problem if left untreated. This is the reason why you should address any infestation issue as soon as you learn about them.

Ant hill is a common indicator that you have a serious ant infestation problem. One of the best ways to determine if you have an ant hill in your home is to follow the trail of the ants. Ants are most active at night, so it would be best to observe them during this time. You may also follow the trail of sawdust in your home, this usually leads to the paths where ants commonly go.

Ant hill removal indoor is usually more complicated than the outdoor removal. This is primarily because there are a lot of things at stake when you have ant hill inside your home. This is the reason why people with indoor ant hill prefer to seek the help of expert exterminator, while those with outdoor ant hill try to find solutions by themselves. To give you some ideas of cheap outdoor ant hill solutions, see the details below;

Affordable Outdoor Ant Hill Removal

  • One of the primary solutions that you can try once you find the ant hill outdoor is to spray it with common pesticide. Now, note that using regular pesticide for indoor ant hill requires more consideration than using it outdoors. This is because the fumes of this pesticide may cause hazardous effects on people if not proper calibration wasn’t followed or applied. Outdoors it would be less concentrated since the fumes and particles can easily scatter to the wind. Nevertheless, it is till highly recommended that you follow the instructions that come with the pesticide you plan to use.


  • Using hot soapy water is another affordable ant hill removal method. However, this method may be problematic for indoor removal, especially if you have no means to drain the water afterwards. Outdoors this method won’t be a problem, since the soil can simply absorb the excesses when you use hot soapy water.


The ant hill removal methods suggested below can be utilized for easy to access ant hill. If you have any doubts on any of the suggested removal procedure, then its best to consult a pest control company who can help you with the ant hill removal.

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