Average Cost for Bed Bug Extermination

How to  Determine the Average Cost for Bed Bug Extermination

The average cost for bed bug extermination is determined by various factors. One of the reasons why pest exterminators conduct an initial evaluation before they send quotation or provide you with the estimate is because there are certain factors that they need to determine in order to come up with the right quotation.

Bed bug infestation problems are best referred to a professional exterminator. Primarily because bed bug problems can be difficult to resolve. These bugs are quite stubborn and are good at evading common DIY solutions. Since professional exterminators are already aware of this, they already have a good sense of how to handle different cases of bed bug infestation. To give you some idea how professional exterminator computes your average cost for bed bug extermination, check out the details below;

Factors that Affect Average Cost for Bed Bug Extermination   

  • One of the primary concerns of the exterminator during the initial evaluation is the size of the infested area. Larger area of infestation converts to more manpower requirement and treatment requirement.


  • The amount of furniture or clutter that the exterminator needs to deal with during pre-treatment and actual treatment day. The more work they need to do during the pre-treatment the higher the average cost for bed bug extermination. The pre-treatment includes clearing the infested area of obstacles that can prevent the exterminator from reaching corners, small areas and furniture that require bed bug treatment. This is a crucial step in ensuring a successful operation.


  • Type of treatment that you wish to use. Bed bug exterminators offers different types of bed bug treatment. The more labor intensive or product intensive your preferred treatment is the higher average cost you have to pay.


  • The level of expertise of the exterminator that you choose to work with can also affect the average cost for bed bug extermination. You are basically paying for the exterminators valuable advice and opinion based on their years of experience in the field, which is the reason why more experienced exterminators usually charge higher professional fees for their service.


The details provide above are some of the common factors that affect the average cost for bed bug extermination.