Basement Encapsulation

Basement Encapsulation Basics

It doesn’t matter if your basement holds a high amount of stagnant water or not, a moist basement in itself can wreak plenty of havoc inside your entire home. Solving all of the problems found inside your house’s basement through basement encapsulation is the main factor in keeping your house energy-efficient, comfortable, and most of all, healthy.

Moisture found in your basement can spread throughout your entire house. And in turn, this cultivates the growth of mold and mildew, harming the quality of the air inside your house. This can lead to diseases such as asthma and allergies. Apart from that, radon gas can enter your home’s basement, and this can lead to worse health problems for you and your housemates.

Even though it’s not exactly your home’s living space, the basement does have a huge influence over the energy-efficiency and overall quality of your entire house. Dealing with its problems can surely make a huge difference in your everyday life.

What is Basement Encapsulation?

Basement encapsulation changes dank, dark, and damp basements by getting rid of vapor and moisture, as well as air leakage. Not only does it keep your house warm, it’s completely dry as well. This is what you can expect when you decide to work together with an expert:

To remove excess water, experts will create a temporary trench and build in a sump pump system that can deal with huge amounts of stagnant water. A mat is also installed, which contains a core of synthetic fibers that can channel water nicely.

Another thing that gets installed during the process is a 12-millimeter polyethylene vapor barrier to stop moisture for coming inside your house. This barrier is placed beneath your house’s support posts and right up the fountain walls, where it’s sealed with foam insulation.

Even though the installed vapor barrier is strong enough to walk on top of, plenty of homeowners place a brand new slab of concrete on top of their basement. This provides them with the option to quickly transform this space into a new living area in your house.

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