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Bed Bugs Are Not Confined to Dirty Flop Houses

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite”, was at one time a nighttime farewell that only meant, have a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, bed bugs are real and are found in the United States. Not only that, but the old stereotype that bed bugs are only found in flophouses on skid row is not true. Upscale hotels and other establishments can be infested with bed bugs.

Your home can be infested by bed bugs in any number of ways. Perhaps you went on a vacation with your family and stayed at an apparently clean hotel. Bed bugs lay hidden in the mattress and come out at night, attracted by body heat and attack you. However, the immediate attack is only part of the problem. The bed bugs attach to your clothing, suitcase, and other personal items and then take a trip back to your home. Consequently, the bedbugs along with tee-shirts and bobble head dolls become souvenirs that you bring back from your vacation.

You Need Professional Help in Ridding Your Home of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs in your home is not a do-it –yourself project. You will need a bed bug company, a company that specializes in bedbug control. That being said, the best treatment for bed bugs is to avoid the initial infestation. Therefore, research the areas and hotels you will be visiting, check the reviews. In addition, when you check into a hotel you can check for bed bugs with a hairdryer. Remember, bed bugs are attracted to heat. Place the setting on low and blow the hairdryer over the mattress. If bed bugs are present, they will emerge from hiding looking for their next meal.

However, once you have a problem, call a bed bug company. Having bed bugs does not mean your home is dirty. What is unacceptable is not taking care of the problem. Setting off an aerosol bomb that is purchased at a hardware or drug store will not solve the problem. Bed bugs, once they infest your home will spread from your suitcase and clothing you had on your trip to other items in your home. You will need a professional bed bug company.

Citywide Exterminating, Rids your home of bed bugs.

The professional bed bug company to call is Citywide Exterminating. Citywide Exterminating knows what treatments to use to rid your house of the bed bugs. They will advise you on how to deal with your personal articles in your house so your family is free of the bed bugs. In addition, Citywide Exterminating is a professional bed bug company. If you have bedbugs, that does not mean your home is dirty, it means you need help in getting rid of the parasite. Citywide Exterminating will come to your home to help you, not judge you. Therefore, call Citywide Exterminating, a professional bed bug company and, “don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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