Bed Bug Detector

How to Detect Bed Bugs

While bed bugs pose no definite health threats, they are creepy bugs that can be aggravating. Here are a few tips on how you can detect bed bugs!


One of the most obvious signs of a bed bug problem is if you see a bed bug. Bed bugs are typically the size of an apple seed, have an oval shape, and are red and brown.


Despite common belief, bed bugs do have an odor. While this odor is subtle, you could definitely detect it. Bed bugs tend to smell musty and sweet.

Dried Spots

Bed bugs tend to leave excrement on sheets. This excrement will appear as dark brown or black dried spots. These dried spots tend to be clumped together. Since it’s easier to see these dried spots on lighter colored sheets, if you suspect a bed bug problem, try sleeping with lighter colored sheets for a few nights.

Bed Bug Detector

One of the most efficient ways to detect bed bugs is by purchasing a bed bug detector. Technology is constantly changing and making our lives easier, and we should take advantage of it! Nowadays, you can find a bed bug detector almost anywhere. A common type of bed bug detector is a black attachment that links to the bottom of your bed. You can attach one to each bed leg. This bed bug detector will trap any bed bugs that crawl out from the bed’s crevices, or from the mattress. There are also other detector variations.

Skin Casements

Since bed bugs shed their skin as they grow, you would typically be able to find a few skin casements on or around your bed.

Skin Bumps

Another common symptom of bed bugs is skin bumps. Skin bumps from bed bugs are typically small and pink or red. These skin bumps are more common on feet, legs, arms, and hands. Also, skin bumps will usually occur in patterns and are itchy.

Hire a Professional

Overall, if you suspect that you have a bed bug problem—even if you haven’t discovered an exact sign of bed bugs—you should contact a professional like City Wide Exterminating. Even if you don’t have bed bugs, it will give you peace of mind to have a professional inspect your home for bed bugs.


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