bed bug excrement

Bed Bug Information

Bed bugs are always extremely inconvenient, and honestly just plain gross. They’re basically just little bugs that have taken up residence in your bedding, textiles, furniture, and even carpet, and they can leave bed bug excrement behind. If you have bed bugs, you’re sleeping in living and dead bugs, but there’s hope if you’re experiencing that misfortune. Bed bug exterminators can kill living bugs, and remove dead bugs and bed bug excrement from your entire home through a series of treatments and methods.

Who Gets Bed Bugs?

First of all, bed bugs can strike anywhere, any time. They’re pesky little hitchhikers who can travel anywhere humans go, and they don’t care if you’re clean, dirty, messy, or tidy. They can travel on clothes and in hair, and can jump onto other people without notice, infesting the human and then jumping into textiles and softly textured things like carpet and furniture. If left unchecked, people plagued with bed bugs will find bed bug excrement, living bugs, eggs, and dead bed bugs on these surfaces. They can also leave severe bites and rashes that itch and burn.

How do You Treat Bed Bugs?

A great exterminator will have many means to eradicate bed bugs. The most popular state of the art treatments include heat treatments, eco-friendly chemical solutions, and complete removal of affected areas (in worst case scenarios). The least invasive treatment, and the top choice of great exterminators, is heat treatment. This is ideal for people who call an exterminator at the first sign of trouble, before bed bugs have had a chance to multiply, leave excrement, and die. In this situation, textiles are treated with heat, and then washed to remove the small amounts of excrement and dead bed bugs left behind.

Bed bugs are a huge misfortune for anyone having to deal with them, but they can be eradicated with little to no lasting damage if caught early on. If you suspect bed bugs, it’s important to call an exterminator immediately so that the treatment will be as simple as possible, and so you don’t run the risk of spreading it to other unwitting citizens you come into contact with on a daily basis.


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