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Who You Gonna Call?

If your mind is reeling at the thought of bed bugs, you’re not alone. They’re nasty, inconvenient, and downright shudder-worthy, and we at City Wide Exterminating couldn’t agree with you more. We’re the best local bed bug exterminators, and we come to your home equipped to extinguish every bed bug that may have made nest in your personal property. Here are some of our methods, and what makes us the ones to call at the first sign of a pesky invasion.

Chemical Treatments

 At City Wide Exterminating we use our bed bug exterminators prowess to professionally and safely apply chemical treatment to your home. DIY chemical treatments from hardware and home improvement stores can be dangerous to apply around small animals and children, and can be dangerous if used without experience and great care. Our bed bug exterminators use top-quality, safe to use, professional grade chemical treatments and take great care during application to keep your family and pets safe from chemical harm. Our chemical treatment is extremely effective, and we use it with expertise on our side. We can use only a chemical treatment or combine it with our other methods for a holistic approach to the eradication of bed bugs.

Heat Treatments

 If you can catch bed bugs early enough, before a full on infestation has occurred, we can use heat treatment as an alternative to chemical treatments. City Wide Exterminating has the equipment to perform heat treatments that kill and deter bed bugs, creating a space that isn’t habitable by the little vermin. While this can be used alone when possible, it’s also part of a holistic approach to tough infestations that won’t respond to one treatment alone.


In worst case scenarios, heat treatments and chemical treatments aren’t enough. We know what needs to be removed and what can stay, and are experts at removing infected areas professionally and without causing damage to your home. Our bed bug exterminators at City Wide Exterminating will treat your home with utmost care to remove the most disturbed furniture and carpet in your home if necessary.

We can apply any combination of these treatments to your bed bug problem, and our experience allows us to cater a treatment plan to your level of infestation and your personal needs as a homeowner in need of bed bug exterminators. Call City Wide Exterminating to experience a pest-free home!


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