bed bug inspection

Have Bed Bugs?

If you’ve been waking up with small bites or rashes, or if you’ve seen black specks in your bed sheets or clothing, it’s likely you have bed bugs. At City Wide Exterminating, we’re prepared to handle your potential bed bug problem with ease. Here’s the methods we use to eradicate bed bugs for good.


The first step is to perform a bed bug inspection. It’s important to eliminate any other causes of your issues before treating for bed bugs, in case the problem is actually another cause altogether. We will inspect your infected area and your whole home if necessary, and if results of our bed bug inspection point to bed bugs then we’re prepared with multiple solutions to eradicate them forever.

Heat Treatment

At City Wide Exterminating we’re prepared to handle your bed bug issue with several treatments so we can tailor your solution to your specific needs. We offer heat treatments, which are a state of the art solution to bed bugs that don’t require chemicals and are safe for even the most sensitive small animals and children. If your infestation is a candidate for this solution, it can be a very effective means to rid your home of these pests.

Chemical Treatment

We can also expertly apply chemical solutions to the source of your bed bugs. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and relatively harmless to small animals and children, and are completely safe when applied by our experts.

Complete Removal 

As a last resort in worst-case scenarios, we are prepared with the knowledge and equipment to perform complete removal of affected areas. Once bed bugs go unchecked for too long, they may take over an area so completely that no treatments will prove affective. Beds, bedding, sheets, curtains, carpets, and other furniture may need to be completely removed, and we do this expertly and taking care to your entire property.

We’re experts. We know bed bugs like the back of our hands, and we know how to eradicate them. It’s important in this situation to be able to trust the professionals handling your home, and we know how to tailor a treatment plan to your specific concerns and situation. Don’t trust your home with less than the best. Leave it up to City Wide Exterminating, and we will handle your problem with professionalism and ease.

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