bed bug pest control

Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs are the worst thing that can plague your home aside from severe flood or fire. They spread quickly, cause painful, itchy rashes, and they can render your furniture useless as they become overrun with the malicious little creatures. If you ever find a single sign or symptom of bed bugs in your home you need to run like wildfire to your local bed but pest control professional, and in the Charlotte area we have you covered at City Wide Exterminating.

We Know Bed Bugs

Fact: we know bed bugs. We know them like you know your favorite color or your home town, and we know how to handle them. Our bed bug pest control services are superior because our expertise is far-reaching, and we know how to cater our services to your unique needs as a homeowner and your unique infestation.

We Offer Several Treatments 

We offer many treatments for bed bugs that can be applied separately or together according to your bed bug needs. We offer standard professional chemical treatment, applied safely and carefully by our bed bug pest control experts, heat treatment using our professional equipment, and expert removal in worst case scenarios when items in the home must be eradicated in order for the infestation to be kept at bay and rid from the home. Because we carry an extensive knowledge of bed bugs and each of these treatments, we’re able to specialize a system of treatment to your situation and your needs.

We Are Professionals

Your home is your most valuable possession, and we get it. We also know that you value professionalism when you’re inviting any bed bug pest control company into your home. We begin our relationship with you by listening to every concern you have and acting quickly, efficiently, and with respect for you and your property so your entire experience with City Wide Exterminating can be as effortless as possible.

At City Wide Exterminating, we know how inconvenient a bed bug situation is, and we have compassion on your situation and want to help. Allow us to tackle your pest issues with expertise, all the necessary tools, and professionalism.

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