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Bed Bugs: The Ultimate Pest

If you’re experiencing bed bug issues, let us preface this article by saying, “We’re so sorry!” We know how painful, irritating, and difficult they can be. This is why we at City Wide Exterminating are committed to helping you with this problem. Once you give us a call, no longer will you worry about your sleeping children or your own bed and whether they carry little pests. You will rest easy and sleep soundly knowing they’ve been handled by a professional. But there may be some factors you’re curious of if you haven’t ever had to deal with bed bugs before, and a foremost concern on many people’s minds is the cost of bed bug treatment. Keep reading to learn to evaluate your home and estimate bed bug treatment cost.

DIY Treatments

Do-it-yourself treatments are available at hardware and home improvement stores. They carry many different brands that have a slightly different product, but they’re all basically the same. It’s best to read the directions on the product to figure up cost, but you can bed on treating your whole home with a chemical (just to make sure all your bases), so knowing the square footage of your home will help to determine cost. You can bet on the price of these treatments costing anywhere from thirty to one-hundred dollars, depending on the size of your home. Sometimes second applications can be necessary, which will double the cost. Additionally, remember that these store-bought treatments use chemicals that can be harmful to pets and children if not applied carefully. However, bed bug treatment cost of DIY treatments can be the least when compared to professional removal.

Professional Treatments

Professional bed bug removal can be costly, but it’s the only way to ensure removal and dismissal of these pesky pests. They can wreak havoc on your entire life, and we ensure every customer that once we’re finished with your home they will be a problem no more! While operating and using home treatments can be dangerous and confusing, we handle bed bugs with a series of treatments that include expertly applied chemicals, steam, heat, physical barriers, and complete removal. We’re professionals and can guarantee that using City Wide Exterminating will rid you of your bed bug issue for good in a timely, affordable manner. This bed bug treatment cost is more than DIY methods, but pays for itself in the amount of headache it saves homeowners from

The best option for your bed bug removal treatment is up to you. You, as a homeowner, know your lifestyle and limitations, and you know what will work best for your family. But at City Wide Exterminating we can guarantee that we’ll save you time, energy, and stress by handling your bedbugs fully and effenciently.

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