Bed Bugs Excrement

How to Identify Bed Bugs Excrement

Bed bugs excrement is the primary indicator of bed bug infestation. This is what most pest exterminators are looking to confirm suspicions of infestation and to estimate the possible level of infestation. Bed bugs can be difficult to spot, especially since they only surface at night while their host is fast asleep. Even their bite marks can be quite a challenge to identify, since people react differently with their bites.

This is when the importance of being able to identify bed bugs excrement comes in. It’s probably the most visible proof that you have bed bug problems. Bed bug problems can cause serious skin problems and other health conditions. They can also affect the quality of your sleep, which can branch to other more serious medical condition. This is the reason why you need to resolve bed bug infestation as soon as you learn that you have them in your home.  To give you some tips on how to identify bed bug droppings, see the list below;

Identifying Bed Bugs Excrement

  • Bed bugs excrement is a product of digested blood from the host of the bed bugs. These are usually spotted in groups and are commonly found at the edge of the bed, the bed corners or in the crevices of your mattress. The more areas you find bed bug droppings the wider the infestation is. You have to note that bed bug droppings aren’t limited to your bed alone. This infestation can reach your carpet, cabinets, dressers etc.


  • Bed bug excrement usually looks like a small black group of dots. Newer droppings usually look like dark brown dots of rust. Since they are usually in groups, it’s much easier to spot them.


  • If you think you have bed bug droppings, but aren’t sure, you may also call for a professional who can do the evaluation for you. In fact, you can call your local pest company for an initial evaluation. Your local exterminator will likely ask you about other bed bugs symptoms and determine whether they should come over to confirm.

Being able to identify bed bugs excrement allows you to catch an onset infestation. This is the reason why checking for bed bug droppings is essential.