bed bugs heat treatment

An Alternative to Chemical Bed Bug Treatment

More and more people are concerned about chemicals in the home. In fact, many homes that employ scented candles and other chemical home cleaning treatments and scents have a higher level of air toxicity than the air in New York City. This is quite shocking, and many homeowners are taking action to rid their homes of chemicals through environmentally friendly cleaning products and even bed bug treatments. One of the most popular alternatives to bed bug treatments is heat treatment, and can be as affective as chemical treatments when applied by a bed bugs heat treatment professional.

How It Works

Professionals have found a much more environmentally and pet friendly solution to typical chemical bed bug treatments. Bed bugs heat treatment uses only water and a machine that deposits steam to the area, which is extremely hot and both burns and drowns bed bugs, killing them instantly. While there are pros and cons to bed bugs heat treatment, it’s a very viable solution to many homes that have pets, small children, or simply don’t want the use of chemicals when it can be avoided.

Pros and Cons

As with any other form of treatment, bed bugs heat treatment has its pros and cons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t continue to work after initial treatments like many chemical solutions do, which can mean that multiple applications are necessary if every bed bug and egg isn’t removed from the start. However, there are many pros to this solution as well. It is chemical free, completely safe for all children and small animals, and poses no threat to the air quality of your home. While chemical solutions can cause long-term damage if inhaled for a long period of time, steam treatments are completely safe for everyone in the home. They’re also surprisingly effective for their lack of chemicals, and they have been known to work on the first application most of the time.

Bed bugs heat treatment is a very effective treatment for many homes, and can be part of a holistic solution when combined with one or more other forms of treatment, such as chemical treatment and complete removal when necessary. It’s best when any bed bug treatment is applied by a professional, and your professional exterminator will be able to design a mode of treatment around your needs and your preferences for your household.

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