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Got a Bedbug Problem?

If you’ve got a bedbug problem, you need to call City Wide Exterminating. We’re bedbug extermination experts, and we have a series of treatments we can cater to your specific pest problem to rid your home of bedbugs with as little invasion to your property as possible. We respect you and we know how important and valuable your home is to you, and we make it our mission to treat it as such. We love seeing our customers rest easy knowing their homes are free of bedbugs and other pests, so here are some of the ways we make that happen through our bedbug extermination treatments.

Heat Treatments

In most cases, heat treatments are the first form of bedbug extermination with City Wide Exterminating. We and most of our customers prefer this treatment because it uses no chemicals, but utilizes heat to rid an area of bed bugs. Steam will both drown and kill bedbugs. However, in dire situations this may not be the only form of treatment, especially if bedbugs have gotten out of control. Multiple heat applications may be necessary, or it may be necessary to do additional chemical treatments or other forms of treatments alongside heat treatments.

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments are our backup plan to heat treatments. Our chemical solutions are environmentally friendly, and they’re pet and child safe. We use all the latest developments in bedbug extermination, and we find the most green options available to bring to our clients’ homes. We value the quality of air in your home, and we’re committed to using chemicals that are as un-invasive as possible as we destroy bedbugs from the source.

Complete Removal

The last resource for any bedbug extermination treatment is complete removal. It’s the most invasive procedure, as it involves removing all infected areas when all other treatments have proven ineffective. Entire areas such as carpets, beds, textiles, and other furniture may need to be removed if the bedbug situation has gotten out of control. This is why it’s imperative to contact us as soon as you notice something suspicious. If we catch bedbugs in time, we will only need to do one heat treatment, but if they go unchecked for too long we may have to complete a series of different treatments including complete removal of all textiles and furniture in an infected area.

Other Treatments

We offer other services than bedbug extermination, such as animal control, rodent defense, spider treatments, termite treatments, ant treatments, mosquito treatments, and more. We are committed to using top of the line, eco-friendly solutions everywhere that will not harm your small children and pets.

If you have need for bedbug extermination, call us as soon as you notice them in your home. The sooner we can reach your property, the less invasive our treatments will be. However, we’re prepared to handle any bedbug extermination situation with a series of treatments catered to your specific needs.

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