Bedbug Treatments

DIY Bedbug Treatments

DIY bedbug treatments are among the many options that you can try to resolve your bedbug problems. Although the success rate of DIY pest treatments isn’t always promising, there is no harm in trying, especially if you don’t have sufficient budget to acquire the services of a bedbug exterminator.

Bed bugs can cause a lot of problems, both mentally and physically. This is the reason why people with this type of infestation are so eager to find a solution that will stop bedbugs from causing them any further discomfort. Having a limited budget shouldn’t stop you from resolving bedbug problems. In fact, to give you some ideas, here is a list of DIY treatments that you can try to get rid of your bedbugs;

Bedbug Treatments

  • Mattress Encasement and Bed Frame Traps

Mattress encasement and sticky traps are both designed to attract bedbugs to a particular space in order to exterminate them or to keep them from spreading to the mattress. Although at some point, the bedbugs might begin to adapt to the encasement and traps and learn to work around the set treatments so they can continue to infest and  bite humans and live on the mattress. When this time comes, then perhaps you might one to try other bedbug treatments.

  • Heat Treatments

Heat treatment is known to work wonders with both the bedbugs and their eggs. This is one of the top DIY bedbug treatments that you should try. However, you have to make sure that you have a useful and accurate guide with you to help you through the process of executing heat treatment, otherwise you might be putting yourself in great danger, since this type of treatment can easily spark a fire.

  • Pesticides & Solutions

Pesticides and other solutions are another option for DIY bedbug treatments. Your ability to properly follow application and dosage instructions play a crucial part in this type of treatment. This treatment does not exactly offer a permanent solution against bedbugs, but it can significantly reduce the number of bedbugs causing you serious discomfort.

The details provided above are just some of the DIY bed bug treatment that you can try. Note that most DIY bedbug treatments aren’t as effective as the treatment offered by a professional pest exterminator. So if you are looking for a long lasting solution for your bedbug problems and you have the budget, then you might as well hire a certified bed bug exterminator.

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