Best Carpet Flea Treatment

Best Carpet Flea Treatment Options

Finding information about the best carpet flea treatment options should be easy, especially now with the accessible amount of information available over the Internet. Unfortunately, the only way to confirm all the information and claims online regarding these carpet flea treatment options is to actually give it a try.

Fleas affect both animals and humans negatively. This is the reason why this type of infestation should be resolved immediately before it can cause further issues. Your living room carpet or the carpet in your home where your pet usually stays or lies down to cool off is one of the primary areas that usually get contaminated with fleas. You have to note that aside from addressing the main source of your flea problem, which is your pet, you must also ensure that you treat all other contaminated areas such as your carpet. This is the best way to ensure that you won’t have to worry about another flea infestation anytime soon. To give you some idea regarding the best carpet flea treatment options that you can try, see the information below;

Best Carpet Flea Treatment Options

  • Using steam vacuum is one of the primary flea treatment options that you can try. You may need to vacuum your carpet repeatedly until you’re absolutely certain that there are no fleas left. Make sure to vacuum thoroughly. The heat of the steam will make the fleas crawl out from where they are hiding, making it easier for the vacuum to suck them in. Since you are already at it, you might as well vacuum other nearby furniture that may also have fleas on them.


  • Using diatomaceous earth is one of the best carpet flea treatment options. Remember to use a food grade type of diatomaceous earth, so it’s safe both for your family and pet. This product comes in powder form. You just need to sprinkle this over your carpet in order to exterminate fleas living in your carpet. This powder is made of fossilized algae that has the ability to cut through the fleas. Leave the powder for 2 to 3 days and then start vacuuming.


  • Using organic or pet-friendly pesticide made specifically for fleas I another option to get rid of yo carpet flea infestation. Spray the said solution all over your carpet. Focus the treatment concentration on your pet’s favorite spot. Repeat application as instructed in the product.


Details provided above are some of the best carpet flea treatment options that you can try. These are all DIY flea treatment options. In case the problem continues even after you try the following then it’s best to seek the assistance from a professional exterminator.