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Charlotte’s Best Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can strike anyone at any time. They’re amazing hitchhikers, and they can jump from one person to another without discrimination. They don’t care how clean you and your home are. They only know that they love to breed in hair and other soft textures like beds, furniture, curtains, and carpets, and they bite to cause itchy, burning rashes. There are DIY solutions, but due to the fact that these pests lay eggs and are hard to kill, DIY solutions are rarely effective the first time. They don’t kill eggs, and they don’t get rid of excrement. This is why it’s best to trust Charlotte’s best pest control for bed bugs, City Wide Exterminating. We offer many solutions and we know how to get rid of any sign of bed bugs the first try. We can cater a series of treatments to your specific situation and concerns. Here are our solutions.

Heat Treatment

This is the most eco-and-pet-friendly solution. We use state of the art machines to produce steam which kills and drowns bed bugs on site. Because this solution doesn’t use any chemicals, just good ol’ H2O, it poses absolutely no threat to you, your children, or your pets. However, in bad cases, this must be followed up by additional treatment.

Eco-Friendly Chemicals

At City Wide Exterminating, we offer safe chemical treatments that are expertly applied to avoid any harm to pets and small children. This solution is extremely effective to kill existing bed bugs and bed bugs that could hatch and breed further. This method of pest control for bed bugs is only available to professionals, and is extremely effective against bed bugs at every stage in life.

Complete Removal

The last step, which is avoided when possible, is complete removal of affected areas. If bed bugs go unchecked, they can breed at a rate that is too quick for any professional treatment method, and we are experts at removing affected areas with minimal invasion to your home and privacy. We try to save your belongings when possible, because we know how valuable they are to you, but because we’re experts we know when the hard call to perform a complete removal has become necessary.

Our system is tried and true, and if you ever suspect bed bugs please call us to schedule an inspection and treatment as soon as possible. If caught early, bed bugs are a breeze to remove, and minimal treatment will be required.

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