Bug Treatment

The Right Bug Treatment For The Right Bug

Bug treatments are everywhere – from the most serious offered by professionals to the most common home remedies that are just as effective. But given the two choices, you will want to go for the option that don’t break the bank. The only question that remains is identifying the appropriate home bug treatment for the right bug.

Which Bug Needs Which Home Bug Treatment?

  1. Ants

Ants respond to a lot of kitchen ingredients that can conveniently deter their entry into your house. These include exposing those cracks with cuts of garlic cloves, bitter cucumber peelings, crushed mint leaves, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and coffee grounds. As an easy, home bug treatment, you can also create a water solution mixed with soap or borax to wash them off your walls.

  1. Bed Bugs

The first line of defense against the bloodsucking bug is your vacuum and steam cleaner. The use of diatomaceous earth, boric acid and borax help kill bed bugs instantly. But regular cleaning and vacuuming prevents recurrence.

  1. Cockroaches

As with ants, cockroaches are deterred by slices of cucumber and garlic. Bay leaves and catnip also act as effective repellants against cockroaches. You can make a water solution mixed with soap or bay leaves for spraying directly to inhibit them. Diatomaceous earth is still the most effective treatment against cockroaches because it can kill in less than 2 days.

  1. Dust Mites

The bug treatment used in dealing with bed bugs are also effective among dust mites. By vacuuming the house, achieving proper ventilation and regular washing of the bedding in extreme temperatures, you’re inhibiting dust mite growth. You can also benefit from using tannic acid as a first-aid remedy against mites.

  1. Earwigs

This insect is a common guest in the bathroom, window frames and the baseboard, which could use some diatomaceous earth to deter their entry. Their size makes home-made trap an effective treatment that can be used to get rid of earwig activity at home.

Apparently, bugs can be controlled with a little bug management know-how and a strong commitment to get rid of them. It’s important that safety standards are met right at your very home to make it comfortable for people and not for pests.

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