Charlotte pest control

Charlotte Infested With All Types of Pests

City Wide Exterminating offers Charlotte pest control services. Charlotte residents face threats from several different types of pests. For example, Charlotte, has suffered one of the largest outbreaks of bed bugs in the country. Then of course, fleas, mosquitoes, ants and ticks are common problems found in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. In some instances, larger varmints create problems. Bats roost in attics, bees and wasps nest too close to homes, raccoons and opossums tip over garbage cans. In addition, raccoons are a leading carrier of rabies.

City Wide Exterminating Provides Professional Services for Pest Control

City Wide Exterminating offers a full range of Charlotte pest control services. If you have bats in the belfry, City Wide Exterminating can solve the problem. Ticks, though normally associate with rural areas, are present in Charlotte and pose a health risk to people and pets. The professionals at City Wide can spray your yard to help cut the risk of lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other diseases spread by ticks. Bees, bees are good. However, if bees are swarming in your attic or on the side of your house, you may not think bees are so cool. In that instance, City Wide Exterminating will solve your problem in a responsible fashion that makes life better for you and the bees.

Charlotte pest control solutions must be designed for the pest control problems that exist in Charlotte. For example, Charlotte has a moderate climate and the creatures that inhabit Charlotte are often not the same ones that inhabit areas of extreme hot or cold. City Wide Exterminating is a local family owned company and they know what creatures inhabit Charlotte. Charlotte pest control is best solved by professionals with the knowledge and tools to be safe, effective and responsible. Safe, effective and responsible describes City Wide Exterminating. City Wide Exterminating can take care of your Charlotte pest control problems. Moreover, the problems will be eliminated in an environmentally responsible manner. City Wide Exterminating also offers their services and products at a reasonable rate.

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