Charlotte Termite Control

Charlotte Termite Control Providers – How to Choose the Best Contractor


Each Charlotte termite control company administers a different set of pest control methods, products and procedures when carrying out their service packages. These are almost always more safe and effective than standard do-it-yourself termite control remedies, unless the termite control contractor doesn’t employ licensed inspectors, qualified technicians and pesticide applicators, which is often illegal in NC and other states throughout the country. So, instead of looking for the cheapest rates for the termite inspection and treatment services that you need, which might lead you to an unlicensed exterminator, you should make it a point to find credible local providers with the right service deals for your particular situation.


There are some things that you should remember when choosing the best Charlotte termite control providers from the multitude of options out there today. Keep in mind that North Carolina has one of the highest recorded cases of termite infestations annually in the country, averaging to 1 out of 5 homes infested by termite colonies per year based on the recent studies of the EPA and other relevant local government offices. Since Charlotte is the largest city in the state, which also makes it one of the most populous areas in North Carolina, then many homes and even business establishments in the city are most likely affected by termite infestation problems annually.


Carefully consider the factors below to conveniently find the most suitable licensed Charlotte termite control contractor today for quickly resolving your particular pest infestation problems. These are among the most important things to watch out for when planning to acquire the services of a termite control provider:


Qualities of Reliable Charlotte Termite Control Contractors


  1. Significant Expertise – You shouldn’t just rely on the expertise of the licensed inspectors, technicians and pesticide applicators of a Charlotte termite control company. Rather, you should check if their expertise is relevant to your exact needs, requirements and preferences. For example, if they have lots of experience in handling moderate to severe termite infestation problems in large commercial properties, then this doesn’t always mean that they’ll also be effective in handling a mild termite infestation issue in a small residential property like a condo unit in the city. Another instance is when a pest control company employs professionals that are more familiar in using commercially available synthetic products and chemicals – They probably aren’t the best candidates for handling your pest infestation problem if you prefer organic products and eco-friendly procedures to be administered in and around the affected areas of your property.


  1. Verifiable Social Proof – Almost all Charlotte termite control companies would most likely claim that they’re the best at what they do when it comes to using environmentally safe termite control methods and procedures. Of course, you need to sift through all that marketing hype to really the best contractor out there today for your particular situation. This is where your trusted contacts can greatly help. Ask your friends, neighbors and colleagues for their recommendations. Also check for reviews and ratings from other customers in your area. You’re bound to trim your shortlisted providers down to those that have verifiable social proof of their reliability and overall service quality.


  1. Professional Customer Support & Value-Added Services – Heard of same-day inspection guarantees? How about treatment warranties with ideal coverage? These are things that you should look for when reviewing the service packages of the Charlotte termite control companies in your shortlist. You should also look for free consultation and assessment services, which are often offered by many pest control service providers in Charlotte.


In addition, inquire about special promotional offers or discounted deals. These are regularly given away by many Charlotte termite control contractors. These promos will help you lower down the cost of your termite inspection and extermination expenses. So, instead of performing do-it-yourself termite control procedures, you’re advised to acquire the right service deals from reliable contractors in Charlotte.