Exterminating Spiders

Tips on Exterminating Spiders from Your Garden

Exterminating spiders from your garden can be done in many ways. To clarify, not all spiders are harmful. There are certain types that can cause harm to your plant and there are those that help keep other pests under control. The type of spider that you need to worry about in your garden is called spider mites.

Spider mites can cause serious injury to your plants. They create small holes on the leaves of the plant in order to get to the plant’s fluids, ruining the plant’s ability to properly process sustenance and all other functions necessary to keep itself alive. Even with minor infestation these spider mites can easily cause damage, which is why it is highly recommended that you address the infestation immediately.  To give you some idea how exterminating spiders like this works, see the tips below;

Exterminating Spiders that Are Harmful to Your Garden

  • One of the most commonly utilized methods for dealing with spider mites is to physically remove them from your plant. Removing fallen leaves and badly damaged leaves due to spider mite attacks are highly recommended to address onset infestation. This practice prevents spider mites from contaminating other nearby plants. Just make sure to handle the infested parts properly, such as placing them in a well-sealed container or plastic bag.


  • Use organic or natural pesticides. Natural pesticides are effective in getting rid of spider mites without causing any negative effects in the surrounding or to your pets and family. You just have to check the limitations of your preferred organic pesticide so you can find ways to compensate. Some of the best spider repellent products are organic pesticides, which include rosemary oil, cinnamite and Neem oil.


  • Encouraging natural predators of spider mites help in exterminating spiders. Some of the natural predators of this pest are ladybugs, lacewing larvae and predacious thrips. These predators are naturally attracted to spider mites. However, if you are using non-organic pesticides, then chances are these predators will flee from your garden leaving spider mites behind.

The details provided above are some of the best ways for exterminating plant damaging spiders such as spider mites. If you’re unsure of the following tips, then another option that you can explore is hiring an exterminator who specializes in exterminating spiders.