Extermination of Cockroaches

Fast and Easy Extermination of Cockroaches

With the various pesticides and solutions available in the market today, fast and easy extermination of cockroaches should not be a problem. Cockroaches are serious health hazards, which is why it is important that you address this concern immediately. Not only can these pests invade your property easily, pose serious health threats, they can also invade your body.

There are various solutions that you can try to address an onset infestation of cockroaches. Getting rid of cockroaches is a serious matter so you might want to do your own research before you try any of the suggestions provided below;

Extermination of Cockroaches Using Accessible Solutions

Cockroach traps – Cockroach traps these traps can be situated in areas where you last saw a cockroach. You can place it between crevices of your doors or somewhere in the kitchen or pantry. The kitchen is usually the favorite area of cockroaches. Placing some crumbs of food in the trap should help increase its efficiency. However, you have to note that the extermination of cockroaches through this method is only effective if you only have a few of them and if you live in a small house.  Otherwise, it would be impractical to have these traps all over your place.

Cockroach Gel – Cockroach gel is often used as bait to poison cockroaches. Exterminating cockroaches through this method is not only easy, it also delivers results immediately. Gel bait contains materials that are attractive for cockroaches combined with other components that kill cockroaches. Applying this gel to areas where cockroaches usually crawl helps you effectively eliminate your cockroach problem. Just remember to apply regularly as instructed since this material eventually dries out and is no longer attractive for cockroaches. Note that there are some reports that after sometime cockroach gel efficiency tends to wear off. This is probably because cockroaches eventually build an immunity to the scent of the gel that they no longer find it appetizing,  so once you notice that your cockroach problem is still going on after a cycle of cockroach gel application, then its time to  move no other alternative solution.

Cockroach Foggers – Cockroach Fogger is another option for the extermination of cockroaches. This product usually comes with a canister that releases fog and fumes into the air in order to cause a negative reaction to roaches. A top quality cockroach fogger usually delivers satisfying results in a few minutes. However, you have to understand that the fogger can only affect roaches that are within the reach of the fog or are out in the open. The application of this solution is ideal for small indoor sealable space.

The methods recommended above for the extermination of cockroaches are ideal DIY solutions. However, if you believe your cockroach infestation problem is more severe than a few cockroaches, then it’s best to hire a professional pest exterminator who has access to better methods and solutions for extermination of cockroaches.

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