exterminators for bed bugs

Bed Bugs Are Back

Until a few years ago, most people thought bed bugs were something that happened in the distant past and never in nice homes. The truth is that bed bugs are back with a vengeance. People travel more than in the past and due to environmental damages the use of pesticides such as DDT are restricted, so bed bugs are more prevalent. DDT is a legitimate health concern and an EPA site concerning DDT is provided.

Bed Bugs Hide and Bite

Bed bugs are difficult to rid from your home. They hide in your bed, under the bed, in closets and numerous other places. Per a website maintainedby North Carolina State University, a single female can lay between 200 to 500 eggs.

So, here is the problem. How do you rid your home of bed bugs and not introduce pesticides that could be harmful to you and your family’s health. To solve the problem you need professional extermanators for bed bugs. Having bed bugs in your home will make your life miserable. However, it is not something of which you should be ashamed. Clean homes and elite homes have bed bugs. The only thing to be ashamed of is not taking swift action to rid your home of bed bugs.

Professional exterminators for bed bugs know which pesticides can be used safely to kill the bed bugs without being a health threat to you, your family, and pets. Bed bugs are annoying and persistent, you need professional exterminators for bed bugs to provide the relief that you need.

Citywide Exterminators are professional exterminators for bed bugs. The professionals from Citywide Exterminators will inspect your home for the presence of bed bugs. Next, they will treat your home and recommend to you what actions need to be taken. The only good news about bed bugs is that reports indicate that bed bugs do not carry diseases; they just make your life totally miserable. Instead of being miserable, call the professional exterminators for bed bugs at Citywide Exterminators.


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