flea repellent for yard

Methods of Flea Repellent

Grassy areas are where fleas prefer to reside, which is an unfortunate reality for pet owners, as grassy terrain is the ultimate playground for any pets who enjoy outdoor activities. Cats love rolling around in grass and dogs thrive when running and playing in such an arena. Fleas are extremely prone to cling to the fir of your beloved little pets, and they can cause serious health concerns for small animals, and they can breed to infest your entire home if left unchecked. Here are some common methods of flea repellent, including topical flea treatments and ingestible ones for pets, and flea repellent for yards and large surface areas.

Yard Flea Repellent

If you seek a long-term solution that is very noninvasive to your pets, it’s a great idea to call your local exterminator to schedule routine flea repellant for your yard. Exterminators offer solutions that are pet and child safe and rid your yard of fleas at the source. Flea repellent for yards is a great solution for pets who are sensitive to flea treatments and who don’t leave your premise and risk exposure elsewhere. This solution also works for homeowners without pets who are concerned about fleas finding a way inside through jumping onto their clothes and hitchhiking their way inside, taking up nest in clothing, bedding, and human hair.

Topical Treatments

An alternative to flea repellent for the yard for pet owners, especially ones who take their pets to other locations or for cats who wonder the neighborhood, is topical flea treatments. These treatments enter the blood stream of pets through the skin, and can last anywhere from three to five weeks, killing all fleas who may decide to try making a home out of your pet’s fir. However, some animals can have sensitive skin, which can make the following solution better a better fit.

Ingestible Treatments

Ingestible flea treatments are an alternative to topical treatments and flea treatments for yards, and can kill all existing fleas within thirty minutes. These treatments, however, only work for about twenty-four hours, and can be used in the event that fleas do find their way onto your pets. This treatment is unique from yard flea repellent and topical treatments in that they aren’t a preventative measure, but a treatment for existing fleas. But this is still a great alternative for pets who are extremely sensitive to pesticides.

If you’re a pet owner, your options for flea treatment are broad, which means your pets needn’t live with fleas. They may seem like harmless, itchy little bugs, but they’re dangerous parasites that can cause intestinal problems for cats and dogs alike. There’s a treatment to fit both you and your pet, and they’re all readily available to all pet owners.

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