How Much for a Termite Inspection

How Much for a Termite Inspection Contract?


A lot of property owners like you ask how much for a termite inspection contract, and many find it difficult to answer this. That’s because most local providers tend to already bundle this in their service packages. From the very start, you’re advised against focusing on getting cheap termite inspection services. Rather, what you should do is to try and find the most suitable service deal for your particular situation.


Keep in mind that 1 out of 5 homes in North Carolina alone is infested by termites each year on average. That means you have at least a 20% chance of encountering these pests in and around your property. Since these pests can multiply without your knowledge as they can usually stay hidden for prolonged periods of time behind your walls, under your floors and in the deep, ark crevices and cracks of your property, it’s best for you to hire the services of qualified termite inspectors. However, instead of asking how much for a termite inspection contract, you should ensure that you’re getting the right services for your money.


You must consider a lot of things to know exactly how much for a termite inspection service should you pay to address your most pressing concerns regarding your possible termite infestation problem. Yes, there are cheap termite inspection service packages out there, but you could end up paying more if you get the wrong results. To help you out – Here are some of the factors that can significantly affect the price of the termite inspection contract that you need:


Factors That Affect How Much for a Termite Inspection Contract Should You Pay For


  1. Property Type & Size – Keep in mind that termite control providers that specialize in inspecting and treating pest infestation problems in large commercial properties like buildings, malls, restaurants and other business establishments tend to charge more for their inspection services, as opposed to those that focus on providing residential termite inspection and extermination services. That’s mainly because it usually takes more time and a bigger number of licensed inspectors to completely cover larger areas of possible termite infestations. This factor alone can help you answer how much for a termite inspection contract should you be willing to pay for.


  1. Level of Expertise & Availability of Required Equipment – It would normally cost you more if you hire contractors that employ licensed inspectors and qualified technicians who do not have significant expertise in inspecting properties similar to yours for possible termite infestation issues. That’s because these companies would most likely farm out your inspection service request to external licensed inspectors and technicians since they won’t most likely have the right people on board. In addition, they would possibly need to acquire the required products and equipment at retail prices since they won’t most likely have these in their inventory. All these things can add up to the overall cost of your termite inspection contract, so instead of getting cheap termite inspection services, you’ll be getting a more expensive deal.


These are the main things that can help you answer how much for a termite inspection service contract should you be willing to pay for. In addition, remember that some local providers offer free inspection and evaluation services to first time customers like you. You should ask for these special promos or any other exclusive deal that they could be currently giving away.