Mold Check

Should you Perform a Mold Check for your House?

A simple mold check will tell you if your home is teeming with different forms of mold. Testing for mold can also allow to look for hidden mold, measure the quality of air inside your house, and learn the type of molds commonly found inside a home.

Ways to do a Mold Check

  • Professional testing – It’s always a great idea to have the check conducted by a licensed professional. Hiring a mold tester who is skilled at identifying various types of mold, and is great at analyzing and collecting mold samples can always end up with the best results.
  • Purchase a mold test kit – You can buy these at a hardware store near you. You can use the kit to collect and analyze these mold types by yourself. This method isn’t too expensive as compared to hiring a professional tester. The mold samples you have gathered inside your home will then be sent away to a laboratory specializing in various molds. They will analyze the mold, and send you back the results.
  • Multiple mold tests – Mold testing can provide you with an up-close look at the mold particles, captured in a certain period of time. However, the number of spores do tend to change over time, and depending on the place you pick them up from. So when you purchase a mold test kit to do a check, it’s highly recommended that you use it several times a day, and in various locations around your home where mold is present. This gives you a full and accurate idea of the mold situation inside your house.

The three variants of mold testing include:

  • Bulk tests
  • Air tests
  • Surface tests

We suggest that you try out all three modes of testing at least once, since they do have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the reasons why you have to check mold in your home are:

  • To help you learn where mold grows in your house
  • To see if the mold in your house has been completely removed
  • To learn more about the species of mold inside your house.
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