Mold Remediation in Charlotte

Performing Mold Remediation in Charlotte

Mold is known to be one of the bigger issues faced by homeowners and building supervisors in Charlotte, North Carolina. Getting rid of mold inside your building or home can be hard, frustrating, not to mention hazardous. That’s because they can pose a couple of health risks, especially if not handled properly. There are some people who unwisely choose to just deal with these mold problems by themselves, and in certain cases, everything would turn out fine – Especially if it deals with non-toxic mold, and only occupies a small area of your house (less than 10 sq. ft.). If the mold growth is small enough, you can probably handle this by yourself. But according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), it’s not recommended that you handle all types of mold by yourself, especially if it occupies a large space in your home.

DIY Mold Remediation in Charlotte

Wear some protective gear before starting the process of mold remediation in Charlotte. This includes gloves, a N-95 face mask, hair and shoe covers, and clothes that you have to wash or throw away immediately after working. Professionals who are experts in handling mold usually wear protective suits before entering your home.

Mold won’t be able to grow or spread out without the aid of water – So the first thing you might want to do is to remove any sources of water or moisture. Test out various areas using water, so you can ultimately figure out the source of the mold growth. Then call a leak detection company to help you track down the main problem. Afterwards, if you’ve had enough experience with dealing with mold, you can take the right steps in fixing the leak.

If you must remove a huge portion of mold in your home, then make sure to seal off the room to prevent any other mold spores from spreading throughout the rest of your house. Use plastic sheets with duct tape to seal off the vents, doorways, as well as other openings.

Spray fungicide to non-porous materials, such as bathtubs, countertops, tiles, metal, and sinks.

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