Monroe Pest Control

Monroe Pest Control

Monroe, North Carolina is a rural region full of lush vegetation and many, many wild critters. These critters can look cute and cuddly, but never mistake that appearance as an invitation to snuggle and pet them. They can be dangerous, but fear not, because Monroe pest control company, City Wide Exterminating is here to help. We can handle any pest control problem or wildlife concern, and here are some of our most popular solutions.

Animal Control

If you find trapped, injured, or otherwise compromised wildlife, never try to handle the situation yourself. They can become violent and can carry unknown disease that is transmittable to humans, and it can be extremely dangerous to handle wild animals without professional training. At City Wide Exterminating, we’re equipped, trained, and prepared to handle any situation wildlife could present.

Bed Bug Control

At City Wide Exterminating, we know bed bugs! We know them better than you now the back of your hand, and we’re prepared to send them packing with every state of the art treatment available to professionals. We offer heat treatments, environmentally friendly chemical treatment, and professional complete removal of affected areas.

Ant Management

We know the potential warmer months have to create lasting memories of outdoor activities, but we also know the power ants have to devastate these times. They can steal your food and bite your little ones, and they’re just plain nasty. This is why we’re committed to protecting your fun times by making your property inhabitable for ants and other insects and spiders. We’re equipped with environmentally friendly solutions for your entire outdoor area as well as inside your home.

These are some of our most common treatments, but we handle everything from rodent control to spider treatments and everything in between. It’s important to handle these situations at the first sign of trouble, and we can perform any solution you need. We offer annual and seasonal treatments to protect from infestation before it even begins, and we’re committed to seeing you thrive in a safe environment.