Mosquito Barrier

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Almost nothing is more annoying than a mosquito bite. Mosquito bites can quickly turn a fun summer evening into a nightmare. Ultimately, mosquito bites can cause sleep disruption and even serious health problems like the West Nile virus. So, stop suffering and continue reading to find out how you can prevent mosquito bites!

1.) Wear Repellent

One of the most popular ways to prevent mosquito bites is by wearing mosquito repellent. You can find mosquito repellant almost anywhere. The most effective repellents are those that have a DEET concentration between 30% to 50%. It’s important to note that mosquito repellants are most effective when it is the last skin product applied. For example, if you want to wear sunscreen and mosquito repellant, you should apply the sunscreen first.

2.) Wear Loose and Long Clothes

Another effective way to prevent mosquito bites is by wearing loose and long clothing. If mosquitoes can’t access your skin, then they can’t bite you. So, cover your arms and legs. Another important factor is loose clothing. If you wear long clothing that is tight, you will still be bitten because your clothing is tight enough for a mosquito to puncture through and immediately hit skin.

3.) Install a Mosquito Barrier

If you don’t want to alter your fashion sense or wear extra skin products, you could always install a mosquito barrier. A mosquito barrier is especially helpful for people who have a deck, patio, porch, or other outdoor gathering area. A mosquito barrier is usually a net that encloses a designated area. While air will still flow throughout the area, mosquitoes won’t be able to enter the barrier.

4.) Avoid Water

Water is an extremely popular breeding ground for mosquitoes. So if you have a choice, stay away from bodies of water. Even a small kiddie pool full of water can attract mosquitoes.

5.) Avoid Dawn and Dusk

Lastly, avoid being outside during dawn and dusk because mosquitoes are more prevalent during these times of day.

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