Mosquito Squad in Charlotte NC

Services Offered by Mosquito Squad in Charlotte NC

CityWide a.k.a the Mosquito Squad in Charlotte NC has been around since 2000, providing mosquito and tick control services. It is one of the most trusted pest control company in America. The company specializes in providing top quality solutions for your outdoor pest control needs.

Mosquito and tick infestation poses great health risks, which are the primary reason why this Mosquito Squad is focused on providing solutions for these two pests. To give you some ideas about the different types of pest control solution offered by Mosquito Squad in Charlotte NC, see the details below;

Mosquito Squad in Charlotte NC

  • Mosquito Control Barrier Protection

Mosquito control barrier protection is primarily applied to the perimeter of your home. This treatment instantly exterminates mosquitoes on contact and can last up to 21 days, provided that there aren’t any weather disturbances that can cause the treatment to wash off. The application of this treatment is administered by the company’s professional exterminator so you can be sure that proper and safe application of the treatment is properly observed.

  • Automatic Misting System

Automatic Misting System requires installation of the equipment around your home. This system releases thirty-second mist around your home at least two to four times a day. The mist contains mosquito and tick treatment that can either kill or repel these pests away from your home. A remote control will be provided to you upon installation so you can adjust the frequency of the spray according to your preferences. This service is hassle-free, since this Mosquito Squad in Charlotte NC will be in charge of maintaining the equipment, including refilling and servicing the equipment whenever necessary.

  • All Natural protection

All Natural Protection is similar to Mosquito Control Barrier. The only difference is the type of product utilized for the treatment. Instead of a special formula Mosquito Squad in Charlotte, NC offers all natural solution which will be sprayed in the surrounding area of your home. This solution will keep mosquitoes and ticks away from your home for up to fourteen days. Since the solution used for the treatment is all natural, it has a shorter efficient span.

The details provided below are some of the top services offered by the best Mosquito Squad in Charlotte NC.


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