Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito Treatment for Your Home

If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, you’re no stranger to mosquitos. They plague the warm, humid months, breeding and breeding until they outnumber humans. Unfortunately, especially in the past few years, mosquitos have quite a reputation for carrying potentially deadly disease, and for this reason, alongside their propensity to leave itchy welts and fly around your food and skin while you enjoy outdoor activities. Because of this, many homeowners in Charlotte are turning to mosquito treatment companies, rather than DIY treatments and mosquito repellant devices.

The Quality of Professionals

Professional mosquito treatment companies offer something that DIY mosquito treatments lack: long-lasting solutions with no extra work for the homeowner. While mosquito treatment by a professional can be a bit costly, it’s really no more than DIY treatments when you consider the fact that they have to be reapplied or re-used each time you’re exposed to mosquitos. Mosquito candles burn low and run out, mosquito sprays must be re-applied every couple hours, and mosquito lamps run out of oil that needs to be replaced. Professional mosquito treatment, on the other hand, consists of one single treatment and one single charge that will last the entire season. No further thought need be given to mosquitos by homeowners, because professional treatment renders your entire property inhabitable to mosquitos.

The DIY Alternatives

If you don’t have mosquitos in your own property, or if you don’t enjoy outdoors very much, there are more affordable DIY alternatives you can take with you anywhere. Mosquito treatment can come in the form of bodily mosquito repellant sprays, mosquito repellant candles, and mosquito repellant oil and wick systems that make mosquitos must less interested in being around you, saving you from many of their bites. However, these methods aren’t full-proof, as mosquitos are still in the area breeding, and some of these mosquitos are impervious to treatments.


These are some of the most popular mosquito treatments, and it’s up to you as a homeowner whether professional treatment or DIY alternatives are the choice for you. Professional treatments cost more money up front, but are more effective and rid your entire property of mosquitos. However, DIY alternatives are a great choice for people who only need a temporary solution and aren’t concerned with long-term mosquito repellant on their properties.

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