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Charlotte, NC Pest Control Company: City Wide Exterminating 

The Charlotte, North Carolina area is one lush with both vegetation and wildlife. Though it’s an urban area, it has plenty of grassy, wooded space for wildlife to flourish and grow. Though the little critters like deer, squirrels, and mice can be cute and entertaining on a good day, they can be dangerous when aggravated or diseased. It’s vital to never handle undomesticated animals on your own and to always call Charlotte, NC pest control.

Queen City’s Best

To find the best Charlotte, NC pest control, look no further than City Wide Exterminating. We are fully equipped to handle any pest control or wildlife concern you may have, and we have many methods to handle any one situation, so that no matter you specific needs and preferences we have a solution. We work with each customer’s property as if it were our own, and we offer the most professional and best customer service for Chralotte, NC pest control.

Some of Our Services

At City Wide Exterminating, we offer every solution for Charlotte, NC pest control. Our team has many years combined experience, and we’ve seen it all and done it all. We know that your situation is unique from your neighbors and will require a different plan of attack. We’re determined to offer all the state of the art treatments for you and your situation. For example, we offer heat treatment, chemical treatment, and complete removal as solutions for bed bug infestations. A combination of any of these treatments may be required for worst-case-scenarios, and we can tailor the treatment plan to our customer’s specific requirements.

City Wide Exterminating offers all modes of Charlotte, NC pest control and animal services. We’re here to professionally handle every situation your pest control needs could throw our way. We know how to handle every situation and will do it expertly and seamlessly, so you can rest easy knowing your property is safe from pests and vermin.

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