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Regional Pest Control for Charlotte, NC

Welcome to City Wide Exterminating, where the safety of your home is as important to us as it is to you. We know what your home means to you. It’s where your favorite memories are made, it’s where your family finds sanctuary, and it’s probably your biggest investment. We value you and your home, and we’re committed by meeting every exterminating need you may have, including mice pest control, rodent pest control, insect and spider pest control, and many preventative measures to keep your family safe and sound. Here are the services we at City Wide Exterminating have to offer to keep pests at bay.

Rodent and Mice Pest Control

Mice and rats are generally harmless, but they can carry dangerous disease and have been known to cause more than one epidemic that took many, many lives. No risk should be taken with these pests, as they can breed and flourish behind your walls and appliances before they ever make their presence known. There are DIY solutions like rat and mouse traps, but it’s best to trust a professional rodent and mice pest control company. We can eradicate them from the source and take preventative measures that will keep them from appearing again. We want your home to be the worst place for them to live, and that’s what we do for our customers time and time again.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

In addition to our rodent and mice pest control, we at City Wide Exterminating offer services to encapsulate your crawl space. An encapsulated crawl space is waterproofed, sealed, and climate controlled, and can create in your crawl space a perfect solution for storage, holding anything from outdoor supplies to produce and seasonal decorations. Make the most out of your crawl space and discover what we can accomplish in yours.

Pest Prevention

Insects are extremely difficult and expensive to eradicate once they’ve formed a full blown infestation. This is why we offer seasonal and annual prevention for our homeowners. We can prevent spiders, ants, roaches, mosquitos and more, which will help you to rest easy knowing your home is not a breeding ground for anything but safe, happy memories with your family.

We offer many more services, but these are our most popular. Call us today at City Wide Exterminating to find out how we can keep your home safe from pests and mold, and discover what we can do to make your home a haven.

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