Pest Control Mosquito Treatment

Natural Home Pest Control Mosquito Treatment

Great concerns have been raised over chemical sprays used as treatment for mosquito control. There have been warnings sent out coming from government agencies themselves allowing only as low as 10% exposure to these toxic chemicals. If you are uncertain about the chemicals in the pest control mosquito treatment applied by your local pest companies, you can be sure and feel secure about some organic alternatives.

These natural mosquito repellents offer a cost-effective way to create your own mix of solution that drives out those insects without the hazardous aftereffects of chemical toxins. These options also give an opportunity to take a pro-active approach to dealing with pests focused on the enduring effectiveness of the traditional pest control mosquito treatment.

Homemade Pest Control Mosquito Treatment You Should Try

  1. For minor or seasonal mosquito issues that come by your house in such a small number, you can simply apply natural mosquito repellents directly on your skin. The scent of lavender and lemon eucalyptus naturally deters insects. You can use pure lavender extract or you can have lemon eucalyptus mixed with sunflower oil spread on your arms, legs and other exposed skin.
  1. For a quick spray solution, you can use minced garlic soaked in mineral oil for 24 hours. This is mixed in a spray bottle later with water and lemon extract. This solution can be sprayed as a pest control mosquito treatment in all the vulnerable areas of the house.
  1. Bottle traps are effective in areas densely populated with mosquitos. Just cut through a third of an empty plastic bottle and invert the topmost part, as in a funnel, to be placed on top of the other two-thirds of the bottle. Many solutions can be mixed inside the bottle that can be used as a mosquito trap. Some solutions use yeast, sugar and water. Other alternatives are vinegar and sugar or vinegar and liquid soap.

These low-cost pest control mosquito treatment options are a great way to create a behavioral change among the household that teaches the value of natural management of mosquitos. These methods would make you aware of your own actions that make your house inviting to pests and understand the natural mechanisms that can overcome such a great force of nature as mosquitos.

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