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If you need a termite company, you’ve probably suspected termites in your home for some time, and you’ve had the opportunity to picture all the worst-case scenarios that come along with them. You’ll have to deal with inspections, treatment, repairs, and you’re probably dreading every second of it. However, we at City Wide Exterminating are here to make your termite experience as seamless and pleasant as it can be while dealing with termites. Here’s the process we follow to ensure your experience with our termite company is an excellent one.

The First Phone Call

From your first interaction with City Wide Exterminating, we’re committed to showing you the highest level of respect and concern. In your first phone call to City Wide Exterminating, you will be asked a series of questions that I will help us gauge your potential termite problem, and we’ll schedule an inspection for termite damage.

The Inspection

Our termite company’s inspectors are seasoned experts, and they know termites better than anybody. They know how they behave and where they like to hide out, and they know exactly how to find every bit of damage termites may have caused. During your inspection, our professionals will scour every potential point of damage and then inform you of his diagnosis upon completions.

The Treatment

Our termite treatment is eco-friendly and pet and child safe, and we’re experts at designing a noninvasive system of treatment that caters to your specific concerns and your specific termite problem. The exterminators with our termite company are extremely knowledgeable about how to kill termites with as little invasion to your property as possible, and they do so with the utmost respect for your property.

The Repairs

At City Wide exterminating, our termite company is well connected with the best local contractors and we can assist you in orchestrating any repairs that need to be made to your home after treatment has taken place. Worst case scenarios can require extensive repairs to floor or framing systems, and we’re prepared to help lessen this blow by providing assistance in this arena.

Overall, there’s no local termite company better than City Wide Exterminating, because we will ensure you’re treated with professionalism and respect throughout your entire experience with us. We’re experts, our service is exceptional, and we’re here to make sure you suffer through your termite infestation as little as possible.

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