Termite Control Companies

All About Termite Control Companies

Plenty of termite control companies often receive more calls as compared to other pest management companies out there. That’s because lots of termites are considered a serious threat to one’s property, no matter how small they may be. So sometimes instead of dealing with these problems by themselves, a lot of homeowners simply choose to leave the job to the experts. Both termite control companies and the way they deal with these wood-chomping creatures can be downright confusing, however, and there are plenty more choices found today as compared to the past few decades. Some of the most common termite-related questions asked by homeowners can be found below.

Frequently Asked Questions for Termite Control Companies

  • Why should people worry about termites? That’s because termites can destroy your property, costing billions and billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year. These termites mostly chow down on food, as well as old books, paper, and even material such as swimming pool liners, insulation, and filtration systems. Termites are also capable of bringing down massive trees and removing leaves from shrubs. Even though a building can get a termite infestation at any time, termite damage is normally an important factor when you’re planning to buy or sell your home. Apart from the financial damage, lots and lots of winged termites buzzing around your house can stress you out – Since they can bring down one of your biggest investments in life.
  • Why do infestations occur during March or May? According to most companies, termites swarm during spring or summer to start a brand new colony and leave the nests they grew up in. A flying termite can eventually shed its wings, and start a new family with a mate.
  • How will you know if your house is infected by termites? Finding winged termites indoors is a surefire sign that an infestation is going on. Flying termites are drawn to light and can usually be seen hovering near doors and windows. Termites that emerge from woodpiles, stumps, and other places outside your house shouldn’t cause concern – But if they do start emerging from the base of a foundation wall, patios and porches, then you must call termite extermination companies to deal with this.