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How to Prevent Termites

A termite infestation can be costly and debilitating for your physical and mental health. While there’s no way to completely prevent a termite issue, you can take some precautions to minimize the chance of a future termite problem. So, continue below to learn five tips of how you can prevent termites!

1.) Minimize Moisture

Termites absolutely thrive in moist climates. So, if there’s little to no moisture in and around your home, then you have a minimal chance of contracting termites.

2.) Immediately Repair Leaks

Since termites thrive in moist climates, if you come across a leak, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible. This goes for any leak in your home, whether it is a faucet, water pipe, or even an AC unit that’s located on the outside of your home.

3.) Routine Termite Inspections

Most people think you only need a termite inspection when you’re suspicious of a termite problem. In reality, it’s important to have a routine termite inspection. During a termite inspection, a professional will not only search for termites, but they will also look for any aspects in and around your home that might lead to a termite issue. It’s also important to note that if you suspect your home has termites, you should get a termite inspection as soon as possible.

4.) Maintain Structure

Your home’s foundation is an extremely important factor in keeping termites out. That being said, it’s important to maintain your home’s overall structure and address any problems, even if they seem miniscule. The slightest crack or break within a foundation can lead to a larger one within days. This would ultimately make it easier for termites to breed and infest your home.

5.) Properly Store Firewood

Another thing many people don’t know about termites is that firewood is a proper breeding ground for them. Many people carelessly store firewood either in or extremely close to their home. Instead, firewood should be stored at least 20 feet away from the closest entryway or outdoor structure, such as a deck.

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