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The Intricacies of Termite Removal

One of the most anxiety-inducing phrases a homeowner can hear is, “You need termite removal!” The reason this is so daunting is because the unknown is scary, and there are so many unknown factors when it comes to termites. Termite damage can be as simple as a single infected front porch column or as complex as an entire framing infestation with extensive damage, and it’s easy to assume the worst. However, knowing some basic information about termite removal can make the process seem much less intimidating.


The first step in termite removal is to schedule an inspection. The cost of an inspection is determined by a number of factors, but if you call an exterminator and ask for a basic estimate on an inspection they will ask a series of pointed questions to determine the cost of your inspection. And inspection will allow the exterminator to determine the location and severity of your termite problem.


Termite removal treatment will be tailored to your specific termite problem. It can be as simple as replacing minimal wood in your home, but it can sometimes involve extensive treatment and repairs and can be quite costly. Upon inspection, your exterminator will determine the best route to take to treat your home for termites


Once treatment has been completed and termites eradicated, an exterminator can orchestrate any necessary repairs to your home. In best case scenarios, no repairs are necessary beyond treatment because the termites haven’t been able to do extensive damages. However, in worst case scenarios entire framing systems need be replaced in order to keep the home from becoming a hazard to its inhabitants. The best way to avoid the later is to have routine annual inspection for termites, so that if they ever become a problem they’ll be eradicated with minimal damage to your home.

Termites don’t have to be daunting, and they don’t have to be scary. It’s best to face termite removal head-on without delay, so that damages can be minimized and treatment as easy and cheap to complete as possible.

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