Termite Treatment Warranty

How to Get the Best Termite Treatment Warranty

The termite treatment warranty that’s bundled with the service packages offered by pest control companies can greatly vary. For instance, a lot of local providers in North Carolina know that 1 out of 5 homes can be infested by termites each year on average, and this poses a higher risk for re-occurring termite infestation problems. This is why many of them offer a termite treatment warranty where they’ll return to your property and perform another set of treatment procedures when your infestation problems re-occurs within a fixed period from the time that they administered the first set of termite control products and processes.


In the example mentioned earlier, this type of termite treatment warranty can have different terms as indicated by each of the local providers you’ll be dealing with. For instance, some contractors can offer a 10-day termite treatment guarantee, which is where they’ll perform another set of termite control products and treatment procedures if your infestation problem re-occurs within 10 days from the time that they did the first round of procedures. Others offer a 20-day guarantee, or a 1-month warranty, and so on.


Another set of variations in the termite treatment warranty that’s offered by local providers includes their after-sales support. For instance, some contractors offer after-treatment visitations, to help assess if they’ve completely eradicated your infestation problem. Others bundle the administration of termite control products that are designed to prevent termites from breeding again in previously infested areas and materials in and around your property.


Aside from keeping these things in mind when you’re reviewing the bundled termite treatment warranty with the service deals that you’re interested in, you should also ask if the providers in your shortlist are offering free inspection and evaluation services. This will help you cut down your termite treatment costs.


Another way to lower down your investment costs for having your property treated against termite infestation problems is to ask for special promotional offers and the like. These can include discounted service prices and a longer term termite treatment warranty among other helpful features. Many local providers frequently give these special promos from time to time, in order to entice new customers like you to acquire their service packages.

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