Termite Treatment

All About Termite Treatments                                      

Termite infestations take a toll on physical and mental health, as well as put a huge dent in our bank accounts. Continue below to learn about the types of termite treatments to get an idea if any of these treatments might help you prevent a future termite issue.


If you’re interested in building a home, or you want to move into a home that was recently built, make sure your new home had a pre-construction termite treatment. A pre-construction treatment is a cautious treatment that is done before the home is even built. Thus, it is one of the best preventive measures for future termite issues.


After building your home, you should make sure it undergoes a post-construction termite treatment. This treatment acts as a sort of seal for your home to completely minimize its chances of being a breeding ground for termites. Specifically, this treatment will prevent subterranean termites from entering your home. These termites are the typical species found within homes in the United States.


Whether you recently built your home, moved in, or simply want to take a preventive measure, you could undergo a complete treatment. This treatment focuses on the house as a whole and makes sure every crack and crevice is sealed tight with preventive measures.


In the event that you do experience a termite attack, if you live in a very large home, you could choose a spot treatment. This treatment will only focus on the area where the termite attack is taking place.


You could also choose a partial treatment. This treatment is better than a spot treatment because it not only focuses on the affected area, but it also tackles a few areas surrounding the initial breeding ground.

Baits, Liquids, and Fumigation                                       

Overall, you have the option of choosing from a bait, liquid, or fumigation treatment. A bait treatment is most common within treatments that occur on newly built homes. During a bait treatment, small stations are placed around a home and even within the walls. This will prevent any termites from entering, and exterminate any existing termites.

As for a liquid treatment, a toxic chemical is used to exterminate any termites. It’s important to note that while liquid treatments are effective, they can only be used on select materials. Lastly, a fumigation treatment is when toxic fumes are utilized to kill termites. This treatment is the most invasive, as homeowners are required to take themselves, as well as any pets, out of the home for a couple of days.

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