Termites inspection

Protect Your Investment

Termites inspection helps you to protect the investment that you have in your home or commercial building. Termites are a destructive force that is often not found until the damage is done. Banks know the importance of termite reports. That is why they so often need a termite report before extending a loan to purchase a home.

Termites inspection reports can also aid in finding damage that has been inflicted by the termites. Therefore you can pay for a small repair before the stress caused by the termites creates other problems. For example, termites may attack a wooden support beam. Assume a pesticide is applied to eliminate termites, but no termites’ inspection is conducted.  No structural damage is evident so the job seems to be done. However, if the support beam has been weakened, it could give way and cause additional damage. Inspections also aid the exterminator in determining where and how to apply the pesticide so that a more effective job can be done.

City Wide Exterminating Does a Professional Job

City Wide Exterminating is a professional pest control company. We offer a full range of pest control services including termite extermination and prevention. We also give termite inspection reports. Most people monitor their bank accounts, the value of their mutual funds and retirement accounts. Your home is obviously a huge asset. Moreover, determining the value of your home requires more than looking up the tax value. Termite’s inspection reports help to determine the value of your home by spotting damages that have occurred and affect the value of your home. More important, termites inspection does more than spot damages; the information can be used to take corrective action.

City Wide Exterminating is a professional exterminating company that has been in business since the year 2000. They are a local family owned company. That means City Wide Exterminating is an established company that is dedicated to providing quality service. Consequently, an inspection report conducted by City Wide Exterminating will be through and proper.


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