yard spray for fleas

Fleas: Pesky Little Pests and Remedies

Everyone knows that fleas are horrid. They cling to and live on untreated pets, and they can jump onto your bedding and other furniture, causing a tremendous infestation when left unchecked without treatments. The longer fleas go untreated, the more likely professional intervention inside the home will be required, and sometimes medical intervention for pets because fleas can be harmful to the health of cats, dogs, and other animals. But there are several remedies for fleas outside and inside, and all of them are simple when used to prevent fleas.

Yard Spray for Fleas

There are several yard sprays for fleas, both do-it-yourself and professional, and these work to prevent fleas from the source. Fleas can jump onto long pants and shoes and make their way inside, taking up residence in carpets. This is why homeowners who find their yards to be flea-prone will often apply yard spray for fleas that repels them and kills them from the source before they can ever pose a threat.

Topical and Oral Animal Treatments

Pets can tend to roll around in the grass, where fleas originate, and are thus very prone to bringing fleas inside with them after they’ve made a home in the pet’s fir. Most pet owners perform monthly topical treatments to their pets which kill fleas who interact, and this thoroughly prevents fleas, both on pets and inside the home. Many homeowners use this treatment in addition to yard spray for fleas, particularly when their pets frequent other areas, like dog parks and hiking trails. Oral treatments are also available for pets, which kill any fleas within just a few hours and lasts twenty four hours on most pets.

Interior Home Treatments

The aforementioned flea treatments are readily available to all homeowners, and are relatively affordable, but in the even that yard spray for fleas or oral and topical pet treatments fail, or if they haven’t been used at all, homeowners must sometimes turn to professional interior flea treatments. These kill all fleas inside the home, and they are best performed by an expert exterminator. These treatments are likely much more expensive than preventative measures, but most exterminators are proficient in these treatments, and they aren’t extravagant in cost and can be somewhat affordable.

These are the most common methods o treating fleas, and are readily available to all homeowners. Fleas can take up residence in carpets and pet fir, and they can be dangerously harmful to the health of pets. For this reason, most pet owners prefer to treat their pets for fleas, because they aren’t only uncomfortable, but cause harm to pets and children.

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