yard spray for mosquitos

City Wide Exterminating

If you are in need of a long-term solution for mosquitos in your yard, City Wide Exterminating is the solution for you. We offer an array of treatments for pests of every kind, including yard spray for mosquitos that will render your entire property mosquito free for the remainder of the season.

Seasonal Treatments

City Wide is located in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, where mosquitos live and thrive in the summertime thanks to our hot, humid climate. Many homeowners find themselves in need of a long-lasting solution, one that lasts longer and is more thorough than personal repellent sprays and bug-repellent candles. After all, mosquitos don’t only leave itchy welts, but they can carry harmful disease as well. Your yard should be a haven for fun outdoor activities like backyard barbecues and sprinkler run-throughs, and these fun times shouldn’t be plagued by mosquitos. This is why our seasonal treatments are perfect for homeowners of every type. Our eco-friendly solutions are ideal for making your entire property mosquito free for the entire warm season.

Professional Application

We know that no matter how “safe” our chemicals are, you’ll be more comfortable knowing that they’re being applied by professionals who are accurate and precise. The safety of your children and animals is as important to us as it is to you, and we make it our mission to safely rid your property of mosquitos. Our professional exterminators are equipped with all the best equipment and all the knowledge needed to take your property from mosquito-infested swampland to safe, mosquito-free haven in no time.

Call us at City Wide Exterminating today to discover all the options we have for your property against mosquitos. We know that you’ll be satisfied with our solutions and service. But don’t take our word for it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we know if you give us a chance you’ll join the ranks of our many satisfied homeowners and your property will be safe and sound against mosquitos. Your only concern in warm months should be what type of fun to have outside, not how to deal with mosquitos during those precious moments.

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