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How to Prevent Bed Bugs | Bed Bug Control Charlotte NC

How to Prevent Bed Bugs | Bed Bug Control Charlotte NC

As a pest control company of 15 years offering some of the best Bed Bug control services in Charlotte, we can attest that Bed Bugs are a very real problem here. Unfortunately, no neighborhood is completely exempt from being a possible home to these tiny pests. We have seen them in almost every quadrant of the Charlotte area, ranging from Davidson all the way to Ballantyne, with Cotswold and Myers Park included in between.

If you’re planning to travel this summer, you may want to continue reading. According to a study released by the NPMA, there is a rise in Bed Bug activity during the summer months. We can assume that’s due to an increase in travel and vacations planned over summer break.

It’s amazing (and scary!) at how such a little pest can cause such big problems. Not only are Bed Bugs a nuisance, but they can be costly and difficult to rid.  Bed Bugs are great hitchhikers, which means they can catch a ride to and from just about anywhere and on anything you can imagine. Charlotte climbed 18 spots in one year and now ranks number 25 on the list of top 50 cities for highest Bed Bug infestations.


What does a Bed Bug look like

What can I do to protect myself from Bed Bugs while traveling? 


Unfortunately while there is no iron-clad way to guarantee you’ll never encounter Bed Bugs in your journeys, there are a few steps you can take by way of prevention while you travel this summer.

1. Make your first stop the bathroom. Before you head to the balcony with that amazing view or throw yourself down on the bed after a long day of traveling, stash your suitcase in the bathroom. According to the NPMA, the bathroom is the least likely room of a hotel to have Bed Bugs.

2. Check the bed. This is, of course, the most obvious place to look. Pull back blankets and other linens to check the mattress all the way around the seams. Check behind the headboard as well if possible. Look for any evidence of blood stains (resembling small black pepper) or even Bed Bugs themselves. If you’re feeling really adventurous, broaden your search. Inspect items surrounding the bed such as alarm clocks, picture frames, and telephones.

3. Store your luggage off the ground during your trip. Keep your luggage on a hard surface such as a desk, dresser, or on the luggage rack. Also don’t leave your clothes lying around the room.

4. Dry your clothes and vacuum your suitcase. Upon returning home, throw all the clothes from your suitcase straight into the dryer for 30 minutes – even the items you never wore. Bed Bugs cannot survive at high temperatures, so as a precaution, run them through the dryer.

5. Check for bites. This can be another way to watch for evidence of these travel souvenirs. If you have any signs of bites (particularly linear and in sets of 3), you may want to consider having your home inspected for Bed Bugs.


If you are in the Charlotte area and encounter these blood suckers or think you may have, call us at 704.888.0911 or email us at We offer some of the best Bed Bug control services in Charlotte and will be happy to create an inspection and/or treatment plan for your home or business to help you kick Bed Bugs to the curb.


Bed Bug Control Charlotte NC

Thank you to Kevin Wiener at Swat Pest for the use of photos.

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