Pest Control Indian Land SC

Helpful Tips on Finding Pest Control Companies in Indian Land SC

Insects and pretty much every form of pest have these three things in common. They must have harboring, food, and water. If you remove any of these three elements, you can pretty much “stress out” the pest and have them move somewhere else. But there are instances in which this isn’t possible at all – However, you can still do these things to prevent pests from stepping inside your home. Get yourself acquainted with the more obvious signs of a pest invasion, and do the following:

Tips for Good Pest Control in Indian Land SC

  • Go check your roof for any signs of leaks. Make sure that your downspouts and gutters are all in excellent working condition, and that the pipes and splash blocks are located far away from your home’s foundation.
  • Several pest control in Indian Land SC have all suggested to prune your trees back at least a couple of feet away from your roofline. It also helps if you trim those bushes at least one foot from your garage, porches, exterior walls, outbuildings, and carports. You can also shape up your bushes right below.
  • The third tip here is to make sure that there aren’t any forms of stagnant water collection in, or at least near your house’s foundation or crawlspace. Sometimes, a crawlspace could be found much lower than its surrounding exterior grade, while acting as a sump to allow water to flow in. Make sure to install a French drain or correct the exterior damage, or build a pump on the inside if required.
  • Check to see if your foundation vents are secured, and work correctly for ventilation. According to most pest control in Indian Land SC, if the ground in your home is damp, especially inside the crawlspace, then you must install in a plastic-based vapor barrier to lessen the amount of moisture inside. Make sure the door that leads to your crawlspace, as well as the other doors in your household are all sealed shut.
  • Don’t pile up or stack up firewood in your house, along with other items or building materials that could harm your house’s foundation. This gives pests food, can collect water, and provide shelter for all sorts of pests. Lock in obvious construction points, as well as the utility gaps found inside your home’s foundation.
  • Don’t allow stagnant water to build up inside unused objects like boxes, pots, and even plastic containers. If you have old tires lying around your home, take them to the garbage, or a junk shop.
  • Make sure to lock all of your home’s garbage containers and keep them away from your house or business. Regularly throw your garbage away.