Pest Control Monroe NC

Pest Control in Monroe NC Solves your Pest Woes

Several pest control specialists who work or reside in Monroe, NC, have enough experience to deal with all sorts of pest control. This includes smaller animals, as well as rodents including moles, squirrels, rats, bats, gophers, or bigger species including possums, skunks, and raccoons. Plenty of these critters will not just ruin the outside of your house, but can also destroy your gardens and backyard too. So it’s great to have a professional handle the situation entirely, and give you the right plan on how they can deal with these rodents.

The two Types of Pest Control Monroe NC

There are dozens of ways on how to control diseases and pests. Perhaps two of the most important methods here are both chemical and biological. However, these two have their own sets of similarities and differences. We aim to discuss the principles and background of each of these two methods, as well as the main advantages and disadvantages between the two of them.

Methods of Monroe NC Pest Control

  • Biological Control – This entails the usage of natural enemies to deal with pests. Biological controls are used in several instances in which you cannot or won’t be able to use normal pesticides. For instance, you cannot use these natural pesticides on a particular species of plant, since they might get burned by the sprays and there aren’t any available pesticides created for food plants. These biological controls are highly susceptible to a lot of pesticides, so you should avoid using them for at least six weeks. Perhaps the safest type of biological controls are the ones made from plant oils or fatty acids. Fungicides are considered safe as well, but you should limit the use to a minimum.
  • Chemical Control – These are used to deal with unruly weeds, as well as pests and diseases. Chemical control is taken from substances which can be poisonous when ingested by these pests. Use these pesticides on pests to protect plants. This usually refers to plant protection methods. These chemicals are important to the plant of course, but the plant itself is immune to the toxins included inside this pesticide.

Mold Removal Monroe NC

Is your crawl space infested with mold? In addition to pest control, termite control, and wildlife removal services, we provide the most reliable mold remediation and mold removal services Monroe NC has ever seen! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you’ll never know unless you give us a call… Schedule your crawl space inspection today.