Termite Control Charlotte

Termite Control Charlotte NC – How to Tell If You Need It?

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, which also makes it among the most populous areas in the state. Now, how is that relevant when it comes to the susceptibility of many homes and business establishments in Charlotte to termite infestations? Well, the most recent studies of the EPA along with other local and national government offices indicate that 1 out of 5 homes in North Carolina encounters termite infestation problems each year on average. This makes termite control in Charlotte an important procedure that each property owner should consider.

The most common methods that are used for termite control in Charlotte vary with each local contractor. For example, there are many pest control providers that use termite control chemicals to carry out their procedures for handling termite infestation issues. They also use other commercially available termite treatment products, often with synthetic components.

On the other hand, some local providers make it a point to only use organic products and strictly follow eco-friendly standards for Charlotte NC termite control. Many customers prefer these contractors and are more than willing to pay a bit more for the peace of mind in knowing that the people, pets, plants and other animals in and around their properties are safe from any detrimental effects of synthetic products.

However, you should remember that getting a Charlotte NC termite inspection and administering termite treatment should be done as soon as you notice a few telltale signs of possible infestations. That’s because an untreated or unchecked minor pest problem won’t take long until it quickly blows up to a more serious issue, which requires more extensive treatment procedures and a longer time to properly resolve. With this, here are some of the most urgent symptoms to keep an eye out for:

Telltale Signs That You Need Termite Control Charlotte NC

  1. If you notice tunnel trails that seem to be made out of ground soil or wood around the different areas of your property, mostly in hard to find places, then you likely have a termite infestation problem. Instead of using do-it-yourself methods for termite control in Charlotte, you’re recommended to hire the services of a licensed termite inspector from a reliable pest control company.
  2. When there are small mounds of fine powdered wood or soil in and around the different areas of your property, then these are most likely done by termites. This also indicates that they’re eating up the materials, objects and furniture in your property. To avoid any further damage, you should immediately call a dependable termite treatment company in Charlotte. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised how quickly these termite colonies can breed, multiply and spread throughout the other areas of your property, leaving a trail of destruction along the way.
  3. Know how a termite looks like. This way, you won’t mistake them for large ants or other bugs. You should also familiarize yourself on what their dead bodies, droppings or excrement look like. When you find these scattered in certain areas around your property, then you’re advised to contact a licensed pest exterminator with significant expertise in performing termite control in Charlotte.

By keeping a watchful eye for any of these signs, you’ll be able to prevent any further damage to your property by calling the best termite control companies near you. Ask your friends, neighbors, co-workers and other trusted contacts for their recommendations. If you decide to hire a licensed contractor that uses termite control chemicals, then it’s in your best interest to check and verify if these commercially available products are safe to people, pets, plants and other animals.