Do I Need Professional Pest Control Service?

Do I Need Professional Pest Control Service?

Many people, including me, like to give do-it-yourself projects a try. Some of us may enjoy a new challenge and the satisfaction that comes from nailing it, while others of us may be looking to save money by tackling it ourselves. I don’t mind taking on a few simple tasks such as paint touch ups or fixing a loose towel bar around my home, but there are other things I’m not willing to tackle. I draw the line at plumbing, electrical lines, and anything that requires me to climb a ladder.

Most people would agree that you don’t always need to call an exterminator. GASP. Yes, I really just said that. Honestly, we all know that most homeowners can take care of a single ant, bee, or ladybug they find in their home occasionally. However, if the problem becomes persistent and prolonged, most DIY methods of treatment can actually either make the problem worse or create brand new problems. Let’s look at a few examples we’ve encountered pretty recently at a few homes in Charlotte.

Rodent Control Gone Wrong

One homeowner in Charlotte chose to control rodents in his home by going the DIY route. In short, continuous rodent baiting inside the home actually led to much larger problems. Rodent baiting should always be considered a temporary or short-term fix, rather than the whole solution. The homeowner never actually excluded (or sealed up) openings to keep mice from entering the home, and the continuous baiting became a bandage for a much larger problem. Rodent exclusion requires a trained eye and a skilled hand, which is a professional pest control service our staff Wildlife Agent will gladly assess with you.

The rodents entering the home were now feasting on and stockpiling dog food in various places throughout the home including storage cases in closets and underneath built-in cabinets. Despite common DIY myths about rodent bait, the bait does not actually dehydrate them and make the mice leave to seek water elsewhere. Rodents now began to die in various places throughout the home. You can read more about rodent control myths here.

The hidden dog food and decaying rodents now set the stage to create the perfect combination for secondary pests. Enter stage right: Carpet Beetles. Carpet Beetle larvae now had plenty to feed on: The hidden dog food and decaying rodent hair in wall voids. Maybe this should come with a “Do not read while eating lunch” warning at the top. Visuals aside, the carpet beetle larvae then developed a more mature palate. A taste that required the finer things in life: see expensive wool sweaters.

Charlotte Pest Control
L: Hole placed in cabinet to gain access for treatment. R: Carpet Beetle larvae under cabinet

DIY Wildlife Solutions

Piggybacking off the previous example, we also don’t recommend trying DIY on major home repairs and closures. Our Wildlife Agent was called to a home in Charlotte for an inspection last year. The homeowner could not figure out why he still had squirrels in his attic since he had a friend take care of closing the gaps.

Charlotte Animal Removal

Major repairs, specifically when it comes to insect and animal exclusion, should be left to the professionals who specialize in those things. Not only does Wildlife exclusion take the physical building skills required, but it also requires a profound knowledge of breeding habits, life cycle duration, and specific character instincts and preferences to be successful. You haven’t seen fury and determination quite like a mama squirrel who has been sealed out of an attic while her babies have been left inside.


DIY Rodent and Pest Treatments

We all know there are DIY websites for just about every trade known to man. If you look hard enough, you can find it. Most anyone can walk into a home improvement store and purchase a product for a do-it-yourself home remedy. Sometimes, though, the secret isn’t just in the product you have in your hand. It comes back to that little knowledge thing we addressed above. If you have the product, but you don’t know exactly how it needs to be measured, used, or applied, we strongly recommend avoiding the temptation to DIY it.

Charlotte Rodent Control

The picture above is rodent bait. Rodent bait not being secured in a tamper-resistant station. Rodent bait not strategically placed for optimal results. Rodent bait sprinkled on the basement floor. Rodent bait where his small child or dog could easily ingest it. We don’t take pesticide application lightly, and neither does the state of North Carolina. There is a reason states have their own Agriculture Departments, Pesticide Divisions, and have rigorous licensing exams complete with FBI background checks in place. (Did you know the application just to take the NC licensing exam is over 9 pages plus the FBI background check?!) They don’t want just anyone handling pesticides and rodenticides. And for good reason.


So Do I Really Need Professional Pest Control?

DIYing household projects can be great. They can be fun. They can save money. They can be a source of pride. If you’re having a pest problem that may require extensive or ongoing treatment, we don’t recommend trying to do it yourself. As a busy homeowner, we don’t always have the time it takes to devote to controlling pest problems the right way. When choosing a pest control company, look for long-term solutions. Don’t look for short-term bandages and hope the problem just goes away. Don’t be afraid to ask what we can do to prevent or minimize problems from arising in the future.

For professional pest control, call 704.888.0911 or contact us through the form submission on the sidebar.

13 thoughts on “Do I Need Professional Pest Control Service?

  • I am usually tempted by the ideas of DIY projects, but as you noted, I don’t really know how to use any products I buy very optimally . I also have some dogs, so laying bait around probably isn’t a good idea- they like to eat everything. My wife is terribly scared of rodents so I need to get this taken care of as soon as possible. I think professional help will be best.

  • I agree that it can be less beneficial to try to tackle pest control on our own. It’s important that the pests aren’t just removed, but that they are prevented as well. Professional extermination companies have the equipment and supplies to make sure the job gets done in a way that can prevent future breakouts.

  • You said that some DIY projects can make pests a worse problem. I had a pest problem a while back so I contacted a professional. Taking care of it myself would have been a huge project so I made sure to get a professional that could take care of it.

  • A professional who is trained to spot rodents and has the skills to handle them would be a great choice. If you hire a professional they’d be able to properly take care of the pest control in order to ensure it’s properly taken care of. You’d probably want to look into different pest control services so that you find one that will be able to handle the type of infestation you have.

  • Hiring a professional exterminator makes perfect sense. Like you said, getting rid of pests can be really time consuming and require multiple treatments. I wouldn’t want to continue to deal with ants or termites.

  • I never realized that dead pests and hidden food can be a way for bugs to thrive in your home. My sister recently saw a mouse in her home. It seems that using a professional pest control service could help her a lot. Thanks!

  • My wife and I have been noticing a lot of rat poops in our garage and we want to make sure that we can live without rats in our house so we a pest control company. Like you mentioned, we don’t want to be like the people who use do it your own tactics and make the problem worse. We are going to start to look for a pest control company that can deal with rodents.

  • I like that you mentioned the risk of worsening the problem if you try and exterminate rodents yourself. I have been noticing a continuing problem in the winters where I live with mice and rats. My wife is starting to demand we find professional help.

  • Thank you for your article about professional pest control. I have a rodent problem and was considering dealing with the problem myself. I’m glad you talked about how rodent control can go horribly wrong when done incorrectly. I would never have thought that baiting will ultimately lead to more rodents. I guess some problems aren’t as simple as it may seem and, getting professional help is the best option to make sure that a permanent or long-term solution is applied.

  • Great article. I was searching online for a DIY solution and stumbled across this article which has definitely given me second thoughts. Although I may get temporary relief clearly engaging a professional will produce better outcomes. Penny wise pound foolish…..Thanks for the heads up. Saved me a lot of wasted time and money.

  • Thanks for explaining when it could be good to get a professional pest control service. It’s nice to know that major repairs should be done by people who specialize with it. It sounds important to know what pest problem you have so you can look for someone with the right skill set.

  • It was great to learn that missing food while cleaning up can cause an infestation of ants or beetles. I also like that you stress how important it is to hire a qualified exterminator. This would definitely be helpful when trying to get rid of ants or termites.

  • Thanks for pointing out that we need to hire experts since there can be hidden problems that can cause more pests to come to your house. I will hire one tomorrow because of this. We just noticed that we have rat droppings around our house especially in the kitchen.

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