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Thursday, August 21, 2014


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Welcome to City Wide Exterminating!

As pest control specialists in Charlotte since 2000, City Wide Exterminating Inc's team of professional pest control specialists strives to meet the growing demand in pest control services from both residential and commercial clients. With more than 35 years in the industry, our staff has the knowledge and experience to help you take care of your home or business.

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termite control, city wide exterminating, charlotte nc

Complete Termite Control and Protection.

Termites love wood and paper. They can gut walls, chew through wood beams and have also been known to chew through linoleum and vinyl floors, and underground cables. A 2x4 can be destroyed in less than 120 days by a colony of termites.

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city wide exterminating, charlotte nc, rodent control

Wildlife Services

Sometimes squirrels and rodents get indoors, creating a nuisance. They damage property, contaminate food, and transmit diseases. Therefore, effective control methods are essential.

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Mosquito Management

mosquito control services, charlotte nc

Don't Let Mosquitos Ruin Your Outdoor Fun.

Mosquitoes can make life miserable. Many recreational and work activities have been ruined by the constant annoyance and irritation caused by their bites. Also, some species can transmit serious diseases.

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We Are

Who is City Wide Exterminating?

City Wide Exterminating Inc is a family owned and operated business serving the greater Charlotte area. Licensed and insured in North Carolina and South Carolina, we offer a broad variety of pest solution services to fit your needs.

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We Do


Choose Us?

Why Should You Choose City Wide Exterminating?

City Wide Exterminating in Charlotte is family owned and operated and has been in the pest control business since 2000. We use environmentally responsible pest solutions at an affordable rate and we guarantee to provide a pest free home or additional services are provided at no cost.

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Residential Pest Control

Protecting Your Family.

Finding a pest infestation problem in your home can be unsettling. You start wondering how far spread the infestation might be, if they've reached your children's' rooms, if they are eating out of your cereal boxes, or if they creep into your bed at night. You worry about diseases, structural damage to your home, and you may get nervous about the simplest things, like opening a cabinet door.

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Commercial Pest Control

Protecting Your Business.

It can be unnerving to find a pest infestation in your office, retail store, or restaurant. The idea of finding mouse droppings or cockroaches in your restaurant kitchen not only makes your heart skip a beat, it can shut down your whole business until you are confident that the issue has been resolved. Unfortunately pest infestation doesn't stop with enterprises dealing with food. Pests can invade office buildings, commercial complexes, and apartment buildings.

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Pest Prevention

Protecting Your Future.

Why wait until you have a pest infestation to call City Wide Exterminating? If you own a business, office, restaurant, or residential home or apartment complex, be proactive and take advantage of our pest prevention services today. Protecting your building before it is attacked by unwanted pests is the best way to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

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Information on Pest Control What are the most common signs of pest infestation?

Unwanted pests living in your home or business may not be noticed right away, but will eventually leave evidence of their presence at some point. Different pests leave different clues, but the most common clues to look for are droppings from mice and rats, wood shavings or holes from carpenter ants, and cockroach droppings and/or egg capsules placed in secluded areas in your home such as behind your refrigerator or in kitchen cabinets.

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Where are all these pests coming from? I keep my house or business clean.

It can be hard to remember that pests are not invading your home or business just to be a nuisance. Most bugs typically come inside when their outside environment becomes less hospitable, such as when the hot summer sun dries out the ground or when heavy rains or cold winter conditions become threatening to their survival. Rats and mice seek refuge as well as food and nesting materials, which are typically in abundance in both residential and commercial kitchens. As clean as your home or business is, pests will still seek a warm and well stocked retreat.

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What kind of pests generally invade households and businesses in the Charlotte area?

Some of the most common pests found invading residential and commercial buildings in the Charlotte area are ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, mice, mosquitoes, spiders, and termites just to name a few.

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Why City Wide?

Why Choose City Wide For Your Exterminating Needs? Below Are Just A Few Reasons:

  • City Wide Exterminating is family owned and operated and in business since 2000
  • We use environmentally responsible pest solutions at an affordable rate
  • Guaranteed to provide a pest free home or additional services provided at no cost
  • Maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Associate Certified Entomologist and an NC Wildlife Damage Agent on staff


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Mention the coupon on our website when scheduling service to receive a FREE mosquito treatment with your summer service when you pay for one year of pest control service in full.

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