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Solution for Your Animal Control Needs

Welcome to City Wide Exterminating, where we handle your past control needs with ease and convenience. We’re here to serve you, and we know how important Charlotte animal control and pest elimination is to you and make it equally as important to ourselves.

Mosquito Yard Spray

This is our most common type of Charlotte animal control service. Charlotte has incredibly humid climate during warmer months that attracts mosquitos to almost every backyard and outdoor area. They find puddles and damp areas to breed, and they can plague entire properties, inside and outside alike. We offer Charlotte animal control mosquito spraying to eliminate these insects completely and save you as a homeowner from itchy, scratchy welts and dangerous disease carried by mosquitos.

Bed Bug Treatment

 Another of our Charlotte animal control services is our bed bug treatment. We know bed bugs, and we have several methods we incorporate to deal with them holistically and completely. We use chemical treatment, heat treatment, and complete removal to save our homeowners from these disgusting little critters. They can hitch-hike from one human to the next, and from one room to the next. Wherever humans go, they go, which makes them extremely difficult to pinpoint and rid from a premise. Our combined methods eradicate them completely the first time for every homeowner.

Ant Treatment

Ants being to emerge from the ground during warm weather, and they can build tunnels and kingdoms underneath your entire property in a matter of weeks, which is why we at City Wide Exterminating suggest seasonal treatments against these incredibly capable insects. It’s best to catch them before they can overrun your entire home and yard, and we offer prevention and extermination treatments for any ant complication as part of our Charlotte animal control services.

At City Wide Exterminating, we are committed to seeing our customers live in homes free of any unwanted visitors, and we don’t want you to take our word for it. We want you to experience our satisfaction guaranteed services yourself to see the difference we make. We can prevent and stop infestations better than anybody, and you’ll rest easy knowing the only living creatures in your home are you and your loved ones.

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